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How does TrialPay work to give full versions of software for free?

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TrialPay is a revolutionary way to get your favorite software for free.  read more »

How do I clean my computer from viruses, spyware or other malware?

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You can clean or scan your computer for viruses, spyware or other malware using our collection of free online anti virus scanners.  read more »

How to change the login screen keyboard language in windows 7

It can be annoying to have to change the language to english every time you login because windows 7 has a different default language for the welcome screen.

1. Open the control panel  read more »

How can I connect from windows 7 to a samba file sharing NAS server?

I can connect to the NAS file server fine from a windows XP.
I have made sure the windows 7 and the NAS box have the same workgroup.
But the windows 7 machine cannot access the file server.  read more »

The file search in Windows XP is very slow. How can I stop from searching insize ZIP files?

Windows Vista and Windows XP treats ZIP files like folders.
Windows will look inside ZIP files when using the Search tool, a process that causes searches to take longer.  read more »

Can I install apple mac OSX on a virtual PC or on a windows PC?

There is one MAC emulation virtual PC called pearPC but in my attempts I was not able to make it work. Plus, it contained a virus in one of its ready empty disk images.  read more »

How to convert word 2007 .docx files to .doc format?

This free online service converts online file formats from one to another.
You can use it to convert .docx to .doc

How to transfer your entire diary file to another computer

a) Start the StarMessage diary on Computer A
b) Click TOOLS->BACKUP and create a backup on a usb disk or other removable device.
c) Copy or send the diary file to the Computer B.  read more »

Beware of activesync. It contains Microsoft intelligence inside!

Be warned that while setting up an activesync partnership, you might loose all your contacts after the first synchronization.
This is almost a joke but it happened to me twice.  read more »

Syncrhonizing two computers has stopped working - Active Sync 4.5

I have a WM6 device with activesync 4.5 on two computers.
I was able to sync to both computers; between the three devices. This worked for a long time.  read more »

How can I add in Starreminder tasks in the Russian language?

Open the StarReminder preferences window and select the "Reminders Window" tab.
Click on the link "Click here to change font".  read more »

What is the Windows Registry?

The Windows Registry is what Microsoft Windows uses to store hardware and software configuration information, user preferences and setup information on your computer.  read more »

How can I find and replace text in multiple text documents without opening all of them?

You can use Notepad++ which is a very good free text editor.

From its "Search" menu go to "Replace" and then in the "Find in files" tab.  read more »

How to increase the size of a .VHD virtual disk (for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007)

This is done in two steps.
First you increase the size of the virtual disk.
Then you increase the size of the partition inside the disk.  read more »

Is there a gift certificate for the StarMessage screensaver?

If you want to purchase the screensaver and give it as a gift, you have two different possibilities:

1) when purchasing give your friends details in the "Recipient Information".  read more »

How to Promore and Sell online your Shareware software - Guide from A to Z

Dear Software developers, presents the compacted complete guide of
How to Promore and Sell online your Shareware software  read more »

Error message "setup has detected starreminder is currently running"

In order for the Setup of the new version of StarReminder to complete, you need to close first the program running in the tray of windows.  read more »