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Full catalog of TrialPay Software (get full version software for free)

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TrialPay is a new way to get commercial software for free.
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We have collected in this page the full catalog of trialpay software. You can get these products for free. Just complete one offer from TrialPay (some are completely free offers) and TrialPay will give you the software as a gift. If you know a trialpay enabled software title that is not listed here, please email its details to us.

Collection of free software Development Tools

A list of free software development tools.
You will certainly find useful tools that you did not know about.

Code Editors

From the 1980s: What an advertisement for a high end computer system looked like in the 1980's

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computer museum pictures

c++ small and portable file system library (file system abstraction)

A small portable (cross platform) C++ library with basic file system functions.

Vine Server for Mac

Vine Server is a free VNC server for Mac platform. It allows your Mac to be remotely controlled from any VNC viewer whether locally or on the other side of the world.

Great free Mac OSX software, outside the Apple AppStore

Password managers:
- KeePassX. A free password manager that runs on Mac OSX and Windows.

- Keka (free software)

Going from Windows to MAC OS X

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After 20 years of using Windows computers, I bought a MACbook and started my experience in this brave new world.
For other people thinking to make this jump, I am warning them with my findings.

Olympus SBM - Small Business Manager


An easy to use, customer relationship software for small businesses and home offices. Operates simply as Microsoft Excel.

Tracks Eraser PRO (Buy or get it FREE via TrialPay)


Tracks Eraser Pro is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the unwanted history data on your computer.

Ultimate Vocabulary for the GRE Test


With Ultimate Vocabulary Software, you get:
* More powerful vocabulary words than any other program
* More interactive ways to learn than any other program

How to Speed Up My Computer

Are you faster than your computer?
Peoples' time is precious!
Humans should not loose time waiting for machines.

How can I free memory (RAM) in windows?

The central processing unit [CPU] of your computer is the brain that performs the hundreds of instructions embedded in all programs.

VSO - BlindWrite


VSO BlindWrite, your ultimate game copy software back up tool! BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your harddrive to reproduce a working copy of your media.

Wondershare DVD to iPhone Converter for Mac


Wondershare DVD to iPod Converter for Mac is a Mac application that can convert movie DVD to iPod MP4 video and M4A audio with excellent quality, fully compatible with 5.5G iPod and the other generati

Parallels Desktop for Mac - Virtual PC + Discount Coupon code


Parallels Desktop for Mac is the first solution for Intel-Macs that give you the flexibility of running Windows or Linux on a Mac simultaneously without rebooting.

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