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Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server


Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server provides a comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective backup and recovery for databases and entire Microsoft SQL Server instances. With Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server you have peace of mind knowing that you are protected and can recover your data in any situation.

Smaller, more manageable archives Award-winning Acronis technology provides superior backup optimization. Customizable compression rates reduce the amount of data to store and transfer, leading to direct cost savings in infrastructure costs and labor. Resource Management CPU and bandwidth throttling let you allocate resources during the backup process to ensure users remain productive. Centralized Management The Management Console auto-discovers all database servers on the network. The servers are displayed clearly with status information making it easy to manage enterprise-wide installations. Easy Administration Acronis Recovery for SQL Server has an intuitive, wizard-driven GUI allows even non-database administrators to configure and implement professional backup strategies confidently and effectively. Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server even lets you import an existing SQL Server Maintenance Plan with just a few clicks. Guided Disaster Recovery Acronis database backup also provides you with a Disaster Recovery Plan, detailing step-by-step instructions to guide you or your team through a fast and complete recovery. Again, even non-technical staff can follow these simple instructions to restore even the most sophisticated SQL server. Encryption for Security Protect your company's most valuable data with strong, industry-standard encryption.
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