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Acronis True Image Home 2009 - backup utility


Powerful Backup That is Easy to Do!

Acronis True Image 2009 Home provides the maximum flexibility to ensure you are adequately protected and can recover from unforeseen events such as viruses, unstable software downloads, and hard drive failures. Create an exact copy of your PC for a full backup or backup only your important data — your choice.

Backup your entire PC Acronis True Image includes our patented disk imaging backup technology. You can copy your entire PC, including the operating system, applications, user settings, and all data. In the event of a system or disk crash, virus attack or other fatal failures you can restore the entire disk contents in minutes — no reinstallations required! Backup your documents, music, video, photos, and e-mails Protect your digital memories from a fatal system failure. Unlike traditional printed pictures or music CDs if your PC crashes, those memories could be lost forever without Acronis True Image. Protect your applications Use Acronis True Image to restore all the settings for Microsoft Office, iTunes, Media Player and dozens of other most popular applications! New! Try & Decide Test new software or browse the web in a protected, safe environment. At the end of the session, you decide whether to keep or discard the changes made to your system. New! Security and privacy tools Use Acronis Drive Cleanser, File Shredder and System Clean-up utilities to protect your privacy by safely destroying sensitive data, cleaning up your system, or securely wiping the entire hard drive. Acronis True Image gives you the power to do much more sophisticated tasks to satisfy your most advanced backup needs: * Supports Microsoft Windows Vista™ * Supports 64-bit CPU * Quick backup of specific files * Backup data in specific categories * Explore backups * Create backup rules * Email notifications * Save to FTP

Acronis Exclusive: Acronis Boot-time Restore
Start working in seconds while your system is still being restored in the background.
Acronis Secure Zone
Acronis Exclusive: Protect your system by saving an image to a special hidden partition on your hard disk. It is especially useful for notebooks, and tablet PCs.
Acronis Exclusive: Acronis Recovery Manager
Boot your computer even if your operating system has failed. Just hit the F11 key to start the recovery process, when the system is powered on. Restore your system image from Acronis Secure Zone.
Exclude files and folders
Save space when creating backups by only backing up the data you want to keep.
Incremental and differential backup
Decrease backup space requirements by capturing only the changes made since your last backup.
Live backups
Continue working during your disk backup.
Smart scheduling
Run backups automatically at preset or elapsed time, when the user is idle, on user login/logout, on system startup/shutdown, and on other events.
Set and forget
Configure it once and perform backups automatically.

Minimum Requirements: 

Windows® Vista;
Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition;
Windows® XP SP 2;
Windows® 2000 Professional SP 4;
CPU: 300MHz or higher;
RAM: 256MB or higher;
Disk space: 300 MB;
Extra space for installation: 150 MB.
For working on Windows Vista, must meet minimum Vista requirements.

Supported File Systems:
FAT16/32, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, and Linux SWAP;
Special sector-by-sector support for unknown and corrupted file systems.

Product Delivery: 
Electronic Delivery (download)
Awards / User Testimonials: 

Acronis is a Finalist of 2008 Outstanding Awards (World's Best Storage Product) for Acronis True Image 11 Home.

Acronis True Image 10 Home has been nominated in the Best Software category (Best Backup Software).