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Genie Backup Manager Home 8.0 (GBM Home 8.0) is a total system and data protection solution. GBM Home 8.0 is a reliable and robust backup and data recovery solution yet combines ease-of-use and user-interface consistency - containing everything under one roof. GBM Home 8.0 is ideal for the computer user who does not require the additional features present in GBM Pro 8.0.

GBM Home 8.0 has the power, flexibility and is feature rich to suit single system users to multiple systems within small offices over LANs and for use in DAS, and NAS backups, resource sharing scenarios and backing up to removable media devices such as USB, REV disks, floppy diskette, all types of optical media, remote location using FTP, and online backups using Ajax-based backup technology to Genie Online Backup storage servers. GBM Home offers better data management and greater data availability than ever before.

GBM Home 8.0 is equipped with Windows Vista’s compatible disaster recovery (DR) features, guaranteeing office continuity or continuance (BC) by enabling the option of backing up the entire system (operating system, applications, mission-critical data, e-mails, operating system and application settings, files/folders, etc) yet offering fast and easy recovery via an intuitive wizard-based interface. There is no need for Microsoft’s Windows Setup installation media.

Even with Genie-soft’s entry level program, GBM Home 8.0, never again should data loss due to computer viruses, Trojan horses or malware infections, system and/or equipment failure, power outrage, robbery, fire, natural disaster, security breaches, terrorist attack, human error, organized or deliberate disruptions, and illegal programs, be an issue.

GBM Home 8.0 offers various backup types, e.g., full, and incremental, all of which can be achieved using the easy-to-use smart backup scheduler. Different backup jobs can be performed at different times and intervals, snooze or even pause scheduled backup(s), and prompt GBM Home 8.0 to postpone backups if the system is running on batteries (Laptop Power Optimization Support). To make GBM Home 8.0 even easier to use, it is possible to switch to a mode called “Easy Mode” that enables backup jobs to be created and restored even quicker.

Finally, GBM Home 8.0 provides built-in open/in use and locked file backups via Windows XP and Windows Vista Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS); uses U.S. government-certified Advanced Encryption Standard (AES: 128-bit) security locally, or remotely using an encryption strength of 128-bit over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for data transmissions that is certified by the leading provider of SSL certificates, Thawte; preserving data integrity and forbidding eavesdroppers from intercepting data.
GBM Home 8.0 is aimed at novice computer users because Genie-soft has developed it so that it is as easy to understand and use as possible. Backing up and restoring is an “ABC” set of steps. Just as it should be.


Easy to use
With its intuitive wizard-based interface, creating a backing job and selecting data to back up is an “ABC” set of steps.

With GBM Home 8.0’s Logging and email notification feature, you can be assured that all data is backed up and restored. Any problems encountered will be reported immediately.

A large number of pre-defined options under “My Profile” are available. You can also use “My Folder” to select data specifically using an explorer style interface that goes beyond the pre-defined “My Profile” options.

Fast Backup/Recovery
Effortlessly select your data and recover it with ease using GBM Home 8.0’s backup and restore wizard. Backing up and restoringis an “ABC” set of steps. Just as it should be.

Express Search
It is possible to select a specific file using the GBM Home’s Catalog and extract or run recovery from there.

Minimum Requirements: 


* Intel Pentium® III processor or above
* 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
* 50 MB free hard drive space

* Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows®Vista
* Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 6.0.0 or later
* Flash Player

Product Delivery: 
Electronic Delivery (download)