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Digital Lock's cutting-edge encryption technology allows you to securely store or send files, knowing that your information is safe. Only the correct password can unlock the file. With easy-to-use functions and convenient file selection, Lavasoft Digital Lock is a natural addition to the privacy tools you use regularly to ensure digital security.

"I want to thank you for giving us the right to protect us with the latest solutions."
- Nathalie (Dijon, France)

Encrypt home or office files to ensure confidentiality * Strong encryption technology, including AES 256 Bits * Encrypts all file formats for storage or sending * Shreds original file after encryption * Convenient file selection * Multiple encryptions available for added security * Free encryption reader for recipients * Easy to use * Free customer support, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week * Strong encryption - hat supports several encryption algorithms, including o New AES standard 256 bits o Blowfish, 448 bits o Twofish, 256 bits o SafeIT Algorithm, 480 bits o Hash-Algorithm: MDS * Convenient file selection - Simply right-click, use the drag-and-drop functionality, or browse for the files you want to encrypt. * Multiple encryption - encrypt a file more than once and use different combinations of passwords and encryption algorithms for added control. * Full shredding functionality - gives you the opportunity to shred the original file after successful encryption. * Direct security channel - to protect your confidential e-mails. * Store and send files - the way you choose with an encryptor that supports your individual security needs. Supported Languages English, Swedish and German
Minimum Requirements: 

Operating System
Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or Windows 2000
Free hard disk space
15 MB
Minimum RAM
10 MB

Product Delivery: 
Electronic Delivery (download)