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ProTarot lets you into the secrets of Tarot from the comfort of your own home, teaching you everything you will need to know about all 78 cards, and the ten card patterns (spreads) available.

Not only does ProTarot explain the workings of Tarot, but it can also be used to read the cards themselves. Whichever card spread you choose, you will be presented with the cards on-screen, with each one accompanied by a full definition and a keyword interpretation.

Now, ProTarot supports matrix readings, where every location may have a different card description. You can also listen to your reading with the original voice recording of your favorite Tarot readers.

What is included in the default package? A high quality deck designed by Marco Benedetti Ten multipurpose spreads including: 1. Focus Card 2. Pentagram 3. Celtic Cross 4. Seven Card 5. Ellipse 6. Relationship 7. Tarot Cross 8. Tree of Life 9. Twelve Homes 10. Two Choices

What makes ProTarot unique?

ProTarot offers various features to enhance your Tarot experience.
* Offers 3 ways to deal (manual, automatic, diary)
* Basic package comes with 1 deck and 10 spreads
* Supports an unlimited number of spreads and decks (download or create your own)
* Supports any type of spread and deck based tools including runes and I Ching
* Offers advanced multimedia features by allowing to listen to your reading with the original voice recording of your favorite Tarot readers
* Enables viewing and learning the meanings of all the cards
* Allows saving and printing your reading and its results

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