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Norton AntiVirus 2009 with Antispyware


Stay protected with the world's most trusted antivirus software.

Now includes 12 months of protection updates and new product features as available throughout the year; annual subscriptions available for subsequent renewal.**
On-going Protection keeps your computer protected from the latest Internet risks by automatically renewing your subscription at the regular subscription price (plus applicable tax), so you don't have to. For more information, click here.
Enjoy your computer with confidence, knowing viruses, Trojan horses, and worms will be detected and removed automatically.
Surf the Web without being watched by dangerous spyware or unwanted adware, and without getting hijacked and redirected to spyware download sites.***
Breathe easy when new viruses surface, assured your protection is automatically updated.**
Open email and IM attachments without worry, knowing they’ve been scoured for threats.
Create and share files at will, knowing even compressed files have been scanned for viruses.

* Detects and removes spyware and viruses. * Blocks spyware and worms automatically. * Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading. * Rootkit detection finds and removes hidden threats. * NEW! Improved performance delivers faster scans. * NEW! One click access to expert support. * NEW! Enhanced protection elements improve your PC security. * NEW! Works quietly in the background. * NEW! Network mapping provides a view of your home network. * Includes one year of automatic definition updates, new product features, and access to updated versions of Norton AntiVirus™.

* Antivirus
* Antispyware
* Internet Worm Protection
* Rootkit Detection

Minimum Requirements: 

Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 Home/XP Pro/XP Media Center Edition

Windows Vista™** Home/Home Premium/Ultimate/Business/Starter Edition
* 300MHz or faster processor
* 256MB of RAM
* 300 MB of available hard disk space
* Standard Web browser

Product Delivery: 
Electronic Delivery (download)