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How do I protect the environment when I buy software online?


When you download or buy software online you not only save your money and time, but you also help to save our planet from unnecessary waste and pollution.

You help to save the planet because:

  • No packaging (boxes, trays, cellophane wrapping, etc) is manufactured just to be thrown away later
  • No energy is consumed during the manufacturing phase because there is no manufacturing at all. The product is electronically created
  • No CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is emitted for transportation fuel since the delivery is electronic
  • Payment is electronic. Paperless ordering
  • Downloading consumes a minimum amount of energy

And of course you save money and precious time because:

  • You buy from the maker of the software
  • You don't pay for transportation or storage costs
  • You don't pay for warehouses or shop window rental costs
  • You don't pay for the product box (you buy the software, not the box)
  • Online competition keeps the prices low
  • You order in minimum time and effort, just with few clicks of your mouse

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Software downloads can save the planet