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WinReminder® is an easy-to-use program that reminds you of important events in your life. The program offers a wide choice of notifications including display notifications, playing sounds or CDs, launching programs, e-mail and even SMS messages.

WinReminder features a flexible and powerful scheduler that can create one-time events as well as reminders repeating every day, once a week, once a month or once a year. You can specify any custom period of time and the program will alert you regularly. You can browse your events and find reminders for any given date. You can also group your alerts by type (birthdays, meetings, calls, etc) to display them in the most convenient way.

The program supports importing tasks from Microsoft Outlook®, so if you already have a list of tasks, you can continue using it with WinReminder. To make all reminders sound right on time, the program can synchronize your computer clock via an atomic clock online.

WinReminder helps you plan your time and assists you in organizing your daily life. You will never forget about your friends’ birthdays, business and personal events, and important appointments and meetings.

WinReminder operates under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.

SMS/Email Notification WinReminder can send notifications directly to your mobile phone (using Short Message Service) or your e-mail address when the reminder is due. WinReminder also supports combined notification types: you can be reminded on your display and mobile phone, and on your display and e-mail address. Additional Reminder Types WinReminder supports a wide range of notifications when your reminder is due: display notifications, sound notifications, program launching, playing a CD, SMS notifications directly to your mobile phone, and e-mail notifications. You can select the most appropriate type or choose from a combination. Import tasks from MS Outlook All your Outlook tasks can be automatically imported to WinReminder's set of notifications. Outlook reminder names, task status (active or completed), alarm time and recurrence schedules are fully supported. Organize reminders in groups WinReminder allows you to group your reminders by type, to concentrate attention on the dates and reminders important to you. Reminder types such as Birthdays, Calls, and Meetings will not be mixed together. You can add as many custom types as you need. Flexible and Powerful Scheduler WinReminder’s advanced scheduler can create reminders on any desired date and time, and one-time/recursive reminders are easy to set. The program can repeat reminders each day at a time you choose – or once a week, once a month or once a year. You can specify any custom period of time and the program will alert you on time, every time. System Clock Synchronization It’s easy for stand-alone computers, especially home computers, to lose time. This time difference can become large, and as a result you may find yourself late or spending your time less effectively. WinReminder offers system clock synchronization that can synchronize your computer clock with a precision atomic clock online, so you’ll never be a second off.
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