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Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2008 - Fix your computer


Spotmau PowerSuite PROFESSIONAL 2008 is a must-have toolkit providing all essential utilities for every PC owner. This is an everyday toolset for PC maintenance and optimization. This is also an emergency kit for rescuing and recovering your precious data and system. With this complete package, you can almost solve all your PC problems.

Spotmau PowerSuite PROFESSIONAL 2008 includes key features below and more.

Windows Recovery provides a complete solution to recover your corrupt Windows such as partition table recovery, lost/missing files recovery and so on.

Windows Backup & Restore backups your Windows and partition table periodically. Recover your damaged Windows when the system crashes, or recover registry when the registry crashes, or recover partition when the partition crashes.

Windows Doctor (Windows Speedup, Smart Uninstall, IE Manager, Startup Manager) provides Step by Step Guide to speedup your PC. Remove your unwanted applications; restore default settings of your Internet Explorer; enable you to choose which programs to run automatically at Windows startup; change your desktop icon and right click menu.

Password & Key Finder finds your lost passwords for Email, MSN, IE and asterisks; finds your Windows, Office and IE product or CD keys.

Windows Admin/User Password Recovery can easily reset Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT administrator/user password to blank or change the password.

BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery helps you instantly find or clear your computer's BIOS/CMOS Password.

Security & Privacy clears up all your activity records in your computer to protect your privacy; enable you to encrypt folders to protect your private files from being viewed by others; shred unwanted sensitive data permanently from your hard disk from being recovered and viewed by others; hide your sensitive data from being displayed in explorer.

Data Transfer can be used to backup your personal data before Windows reinstallation. It can transfer files to the removable media/devices, or to a second, undamaged internal hard disk when your Windows has crashed or the hard disk has been damaged.

Unformat & Undelete recovers files from an accidentally formatted or reinstalled partition / disk; restore files that have been deleted accidentally.

Wipe Data permanently deletes all data from the hard disk or a certain partition to prevent others recovering your sensitive data. A must-do procedure before reselling or donating your computer or hard disk.

Disk Clone & Backup package provides all kinds of clone options under Windows or when Windows crashes: Disk to Disk, Disk to Image, Disk from Image, Partition to Partition, Partition to Image, Partition from Image. You can easily backup disks/partitions or transfer all data from one disk to another, or even burn to CD/DVD, with several mouse clicks. This utility is for cloning Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. It supports IDE, SATA, SCSI, and USB interfaces.

Partition Genius a powerful partition management tool. Create/delete/format your partitions; convert one partition type to another; resize/move/split/merge your partitions; hide/show a partition.

Desktop Secretary easily manages your daily duties and business schedules.

RAPIDLY Rescue Windows 98/ME/2K/2003/XP/NT/Vista • Boot up ANY Windows • 1-click system recovery • 1-click registry recovery • 1-click partition table recovery Optimize, Clean & Speed Up Your System Is your computer running slowly? Want to remove pop-ups, Google or Yahoo Toolbar? Something is automatically executed at Windows startup? ... • Keep your computer running more efficiently and smoothly • Restore default settings of your Internet Explorer • Remove pop-ups and any Toolbars • Choose which programs to run automatically at Windows Startup Find / Reset Password & Key Our professional password tools are already used by the law enforcement agencies around the world! (Note: It requires physical access to the computer and so it is not a hacking tool). • Reset Admin/User password for Windows XP (SP1 and SP2), 2000, NT, Server and Vista • Find email password • Find MSN password • Find Yahoo Messenger password • Find Google Talk password • Find asterisks password • Find Network connection password • Find Outlook password • Find Access password • Find IE AutoComplete password • Find or clear BIOS/CMOS password Clean Up or Hide Your Private files On Your PC Want to have a private file folder that cannot be accessed by others? Want to resell or donate your computer but worry about your personal information? • Permanently clear up all your activity records from your computer • Encrypt folders to protect your private files from being viewed by others • Hide folders to protect your private files from being found by others • Permanently delete files or wipe all data from your hard disk Data Recovery Package Data recovery may mean life saving! Lost your 3-year family photos? This software can help: • Transfer files (photos, music, documents etc.) to extended devices when your Windows gets corrupted • Recover deleted files from formatted disks/partitions • Recover files deleted from your Windows' Recycle Bin Partition, Format and Clean up Your Hard Drive This professional hard disk tool has a modern user interface. It is so easy to use for anyone! • Create / Delete / Activate partitions • Split / Merge / Resize partitions without losing data • Create / Convert primary partition and logical partition • Convert FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS partitions • Format hidden partitions • Backup & Restore partition table • Rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record) • View any sectors • Surface scan to check for bad sectors • Support devices with IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB 1.1/2.0 interfaces Clone / Backup Your Hard Drive "Clone" means that you can copy EVERYTHING from your old hard drive to a new one! • Clone Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista • Support P-ATA (IDE), S-ATA, SCSI, IEEE1394 (Firewire), USB 1.0/2.0 drives and PC card storage devices. • Backup data to almost any media, including CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW drives • Transfer all data from one disk or partition to another • Backup the operating system and restore it in the event of a fatal system crash or virus attack. No reinstallation is required • Backup the entire disk or partition and restore it in the event of a hardware problem or careless deletion • Rebuild MBR (Master Boot Record) • Backup and restore the whole system under Windows or this bootable CD

Spotmau PowerSuite Professional contains STEP-by-STEP Instructions!
Do Everything Yourself and Save Hundreds of Dollars!

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