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Telestia Creator Lite - CAD for clothing

The Telestia Creator suite of CAD software is based on the Telestia Trainer simplified methods that provide accurate patterns and designs with perfect fit.

Telestia Creator Pattern Construction Software introduces a unique system of drafting the pattern for you: the Automatic function! Insert your own personal measurements and hey presto! in seconds you get an excellent fitting basic block just for you. This good fitting basic block can then be used as the basis for the style design of your choice. With two automatic functions incorporated in the system, style design is made easier than ever when applying your style changes to your basic block.

Telestia Creator Pattern Construction combines perfectly well with the Fashion Design software matching the technical design to the style manipulation. Incorporated in the software is a treasure of functions that help you mark and insert all the necessary details on your block.

A plotter is not needed to print the final patterns. Life size printing is possible on any standard printer Now the student Telestia Creator lite edition with the pattern construction software is available for our students at a very special price through the Telestia site.

CAD for Clothing 1. A fully featured CAD program.
2. Advanced tools to create and modify patterns.
3. Easy drafting using the AB Pattern Construction template system.
4. You can design your pattern just like you do on paper.
5. Easy to use working area, with zoom, measuring and drafting tools.
6. Arrange and organize your patterns in layers.
7. Work on multiple designs simultaneously.
8. Automatically create standard patterns just by inserting any size and measurements.
9. Automatically create styles for any basic block you have created.
10. Import EPS files and many images (jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pcx and more).
11. Export in EPS, DXF and jpeg.
12. Print full-size patterns on any printer.
13. Scan ready patterns for adaptation.
14. Variable-width seam allowance.
15. Multi-language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek.

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Minimum Requirements: 

Windows 2000 and later.
Pentium 4 or AMD 64 Athlon and above.
1GB min. Ram memory
700MB hard disk space

Product Delivery: 


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Here is a blog with sample work done with Telestia Creator, that is documented very clearly with images.