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A step-by-step simplified methodology that allows you to learn how to make your own fashion designs even if up to now you felt you didn't have the skills.

No prior knowledge of Fashion Design is required, and by the time you complete the course, you will be able to design your own collections.

The fashion drafting system has been available for over 20 years and has been tested and used by thousands all over the world. There is no limit on design ideas! Learn how to create your own styles and how to bring your ideas to life.

The Telestia Fashion Design course provides training in six areas:

• Basic Figure drawing and poses
Figure Drawing Figure Drawing
• Drawing garment parts
Drawing Garment Parts Drawing Garment Parts

• Drawing a dressed figure
Fashion Figure

• Technical drawing of garments with respect to pattern making principles
clothes Technical Drawing

• Design principles to understand the theory behind creative design
Clothes Design Principles

• Illustration tips to enhance your drawing skills with shade, colour and a variety of illustration techniques.
clothes Illustration Tips

Depending on your requirements you can choose to study a Full Course or a shorter Sub-course.
The full programme for Fashion Design contains all the above areas in two sections. You can study both or either depending on the level you want to reach in Fashion Design. The sections covered are:
Fashion Design Technical
Fashion Design Creative

Tools you need:
Along with the computer, you will need a worktable on which to work on your designs, drawing paper, fine pencil, eraser etc. and the corresponding AB templates, which will be provided in a Starter Pack together with the CD-ROM.

The AB tools and templates:
When you register for your course, we will provide you with everything else you need to study with us. You will receive:
1. eTelestia Software. A CD ROM with the Software and complete instructions explaining how to install and use the software.

2. AB Fashion Design Template
The AB Template for Fashion Design is a basic tool which you will need to enable you to start making your own designs. It is constructed from highly durable material and with care will last you for many years.

The course
Fashion Design Technical
Fashion Design Technical is part of the Full Course, but can also be studied independently. Fashion Design Technical is intended for those who need to understand and communicate basic technical details using correct figure proportions. It contains step-by-step visual instructions on:

• Basic figure drawing in proportionate sizes with all basic figures for Womenswear, Menswear and Childrenswear.
• Drafting of poses and movement as well as a great training library of garment parts.
• Exercises with technical features and details for drawing pleats, seams etc.
• You will also learn Technical Drawing theory. You will learn how to use a two-dimensional drawing to translate the correct proportionate details of a garment from either a dressed figure drawing or a flat pattern block.

This course is comprised of the following modules:
• Figure construction (12 figures for basic proportionate figure construction)
• Poses (35 examples of figure movement).
• Drawing of the following Garment parts:
- 28 skirts
- 13 trousers
- 60 sleeves
- 25 necklines
- 69 collars
- 28 openings and fastenings
- 27 bodices and jackets
- 9 coats
- 32 belts
- 24 cuffs
- 40 pockets
- 39 details of Menswear
- 10 seams and pleats
- 12 decorative designs
- 8 frills
- 8 bows
• Theory and application of 7 technical drawing examples

Fashion Design Creative
This course is part of the Fashion Design Full Course, but can also be studied independently.

To be able to benefit from the Fashion Design Creative course make sure that you have mastered the basic figure drawing skills and you know how to draw the body proportionately. In this section you will learn how to create your own design collection and how to illustrate your ideas in a stylish and realistic way. You will:

• Learn how to dress the figure with the garment parts. You will learn how to draw the head and face.
• Study the basic principles for the creative design of new styles with many examples. You will also find suggestions and examples on what is flattering or unflattering for different figure types.
• Practice on drawing suggestions for accessories.
• Master practical illustration tips, which include a theory on shadow and perspective as well as instructions on how to illustrate a variety of woven and knitted fabrics and prints.
• Practice how to use different illustration techniques to illustrate various designs lines (checks, plaids, herringbone, pied-de-coque etc).
• Practice on examples for the development of a complete collection from a single design.
• Understand basic colour theory and its application on garment design. Study many examples of colour application from Erte' and young designers work.

This Telestia course is comprised of the following modules:
- Drawing the head (21 poses)
- Drawing the hand (15 poses)
- Drawing feet and shoes (30 poses and styles)
- Dressing the figure (17 exercises of shape and volume)
- Dressing the figure with a great variety of styles and fabrics using the suitable poses (24)
- Basic design principles and governing elements (88 examples and applications)
- Body types (24 examples of aesthetic rules)
- Various accessories of different fashion looks (56 examples)
- Hat styles (24)
- Practice of shadow and light using the rules of perspective (17 exercises)
- Drawing fabrics (checks, plaids, prints) (12 exercises)
- Drawing a special fabric design on a garment (six examples of 3 step exercises)
- Developing a collection of 27 pieces (example of a collection based on a 2-lines motif)
- Colour theory (13 coloured examples)
- Tools and drawing techniques (2 examples)
- Colour composition (6 examples)
- Pattern repeat (16 examples)
- Colour examples (17 examples by Erte', analysis of the use of colour)
- Using colour with various techniques (17 examples and exercises)
- There are theory tests and practice tests for self-assessment.

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The course is suitable for individuals wishing to develop these skills for a career in fashion, for those who would like to draft and design for their own personal use, and also for use by Colleges and Institutes of Further Education to supplement their curriculum and offer students alternative study medias, facilitating the tutors job. The course has already been endorsed and used by the following Organizations, Colleges and Universities: Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Colegg Gwent, Wales, UK Skillfast-UK, Sector Skills Council for Apparel, Textiles & Footwear, UK Educatel: Formation a Distance, France Fachhochschule Albstadt Sigmaringen, Germany Enterprise Skills, Australia
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The eTelestia courses are rich in graphic content, animation and video and highly interactive.
The eTelestia course content and structure has been awarded the EUROPRIX 2002 Quality Seal. Pattern Styles
eTelestia was also selected amongst over 100 nominated companies to receive the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia, 2005. Pattern Styles


Fashion Technical Drawing

I really enjoyed the course - Fashion Design - Technical drawing. I had no previous art experience and was never able to successfully draw the human body, yet alone clothing. The course gave me step-by-step instructions and a very sound methodology to not only learn to draw, but be able to do so with ever increasing accuracy.