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Pattern Making Training Course CDrom - Telestia


A revolutionary training method that allows you to learn how to make your own clothing patterns quickly and accurately.
You will learn how to create any design, with the help of many and step-by-step instructions, in your personal or standard industrial sizes.
This course is ideal for learners who require flexibility of time and location. eTelestia gives you the flexibility to work from home or from the office, at your own pace, in your own time. You are not expected to have any sophisticated skills; the courses are designed in such a way to be self-explanatory and simple so that any user with basic technology skills can learn.

Duration of Online Pattern Making course
Depending on your requirements you can choose to study a Full Course or a shorter Sub-course.
Our shorter Sub-Courses can be completed in just 2-3 weeks while the full course can take up to 12 weeks.
The Pattern Construction course provides training in three areas:
- Drafting: How to construct a flat pattern ready for assembly.
- Lay planning: How to lay out your pattern on your chosen material.
- Assembly: Basic sewing and assembly instructions

Tools you need:
Along with the computer, you will need a worktable on which to draft your patterns and/or designs, appropriate drafting paper, fine pencil, eraser, tape measure, pins, scissors etc. and the corresponding AB tools and templates, which will be provided in a Starter Pack together with the CD-ROM.

The Telestia AB tools and templates:
When you register for your course, we will provide you with everything else you need to study with us. You will receive:
1. eTelestia Software. A CD ROM with the Software and complete instructions explaining how to install and use the software.

2. AB Pattern Construction Template
The AB Template for Pattern Construction is a basic tool which you will need to enable you to draft your patterns and designs. It is constructed from highly durable material and with care will last you for many years.

The Online Pattern Making course
The complete Womenswear course comprises of eight sections. It contains instructions on:

- how to construct all 11 basic blocks in all variations of sizes,
Pattern Blocks

- has technical drawing analysis for 37 styles
Technical Drawing - Clothing

- provides step-by-step instructions for the pattern adaptation of 43 styles that you can construct from your basic blocks.
Pattern Styles

See screenshot of style detail below
Pattern Drafting

- how to adapt your blocks for personal measurements so that you get the best possible fit for your garments.
Pattern Construction

- pattern lay out and fabric length calculation . You will find out how to best lay your pattern out for cutting and construction and how to assemble your blocks into a complete garment.
Make my own clothes

- There are also self-assessment tests so you can check on your progress as you learn.
Pattern Making Tests

This course is comprised of the following modules:
BASIC BLOCKS (11 Womenswear) (2 Menswear) (2 Childrenswear)
STYLES (43 Womenswear) (12 Menswear) (13 Childrenswear)

The Womenswear section contains four sub-sections. Each sub-section may be studied on its own as a stand-alone course. The four sub sections are:

* Blouses
* Dresses
* Jackets & Coats, and
* Skirts and Trousers

The complete Womenswear course, in addition to the common modules, contains instructions on how to construct basic blocks ready for pattern adaptation into any possible style. Each block is accompanied by a variety of styles, showing how you can enrich the volume and the application of styles of each basic block you have learned.
This educational approach is based on teaching the skills to enable you to create blocks and styles yourself rather than taking ready-made model pattern solutions and adapting them with unsatisfactory results.

The course is suitable for individuals wishing to develop these skills for a career, for those who would like to learn pattern making for their own personal use, and also for use by Colleges and Institutes of Further Education to supplement their curriculum and offer students alternative study medias facilitating the tutors job. The course has already been endorsed and used by the following Organizations, Colleges and Universities: Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Colegg Gwent, Wales, UK A.F.P.A., France Skillfast-UK, Sector Skills Council for Apparel, Textiles & Footwear, UK Educatel: Formation a Distance, France Fachhochschule Albstadt Sigmaringen, Germany Enterprise Skills, Australia
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The eTelestia courses are rich in graphic content, animation and video and highly interactive.
The eTelestia course content and structure has been awarded the EUROPRIX 2002 Quality Seal. Pattern Styles, Online Pattern Making course
eTelestia was also selected amongst over 100 nominated companies to receive the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia, 2005. Pattern Styles, free trial of pattern making cdrom


Skirts and Trousers Course

The format and content of your course is incredible. You have done an amazing job at breaking it all down into understandable steps while at the same time allowing the student to see how it will all come together. I took a course at a community college on pattern drafting and am finding your course to make much more sense to me and I feel confident that when I am finished I will actually have the skills to draft patterns. I have to admit I was a little hesitant about learning such a skill using a e-format, but you guys must have really put A LOT of thought and work into producing these courses. I am looking forward to going through the rest of the modules. And I will be enrolling in some more of your courses in the future. I am so excited that I found your website. Thank you.

Womenswear Course

The course is excellent. I haven't made my way through all the courses yet but the ones I've got through have definitely been great so far. Very easy to understand and put together. I would like very much to do another course. Thanks

Pattern Making Training Course CDrom - Telestia

Hi , I looked at (Pattern Making Training Course CDrom - Telestia) and i liked it , I want to purchase it but I have some questions which needs to be answered:

1- When I finish my pattern , can I print the whole pattern using my home printer, I have an HP Deskjet?

2- Am i going to get an online tutorial on how to use the software?

3- Can I use a picture of mine (a scanned picture off a magazine) in the software and use its patter?

Answer from Telestia pattern making software for Clothes

1. With the Telestia Creator, you can create your patterns in the computer and print full size patterns on any printer. Since you have an A4 size printer you will use the special paper matching feature that allows you to match and join the pages to make a full size pattern piece.

2. The software comes with build-in help and ready examples in order to learn how to use it. If you still require further assistance we can also plan an online meeting.

3. In the fashion design CAD software, you can import and scan any pictures form your files or a magazine and use it as a background image to help you with your work. In the pattern making software you can import any .EPS or .DXF files.