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Agendus for BlackBerry (Free via TrialPay)

Agendus for BlackBerry: the turnkey personal productivity solution for BlackBerry smartphones.
Thanks to its unique integration capability, bringing together and extending the built-in Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and -- new to version 2.0 -- Memos, Agendus provides an array of tools and capabilities truly geared towards an effective schedule management.

The application includes a Today View, a number of enhanced Task and Calendar related Views, Compact and Expanded Contact Views and a Memo List view, in addition to facilities such as Contact Linking, One Tap Dial / Email, quick item deletion, task categories, colors, grouping and extended filtering.

All new capabilities for touch oriented devices, such as the BlackBerry Storm, include "Panning" scrollable views, "Gestures" support in Calendar Views, and touch-sensitive toolbar. Agendus also provides over-the-air services such as integrated weather forecasts. Additionally, it also smartly adapts to your BlackBerry’s look, taking on the colors, styles and themes already being used.

» Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks Integration. Agendus ties together the most frequently used applications on your phone, so you get more things done using fewer (in most cases half) button presses. Because personal information is readily accessible, you won’t be bogged down switching in and out of applications to get to the Calendar, Contact, Task and Memo information you need.

» Many Viewing Options. The BlackBerry version of Agendus includes a Today View, providing an at-a-glance view of the day ahead that includes Meetings, Tasks, Recent Messages, and OTA (Over-the-Air) information for Weather, Today in History and Quote of the Day. Other views include One Day, Agenda, two Week Views (list and grid mode), List View (standard mode), a Month (expanded), as well as a Task View and Memo View. And, last but not least, the Contact List and Expanded views complete the information presentation portion of Agendus.

» Graphical Navigation and Edit Dialogs. Unlike the native BlackBerry applications, Agendus' navigation and edit dialogs are beautifully arranged with icons to give the user more functional, yet pleasing-to-the-eye experience when navigating and creating new records.

» Plug and Play. Simply download the software and you're good to go! No additional set-up is required. Agendus immediately populates with the data already found on your BlackBerry once installed.

» Built for the Storm. In version 2.0 we have taken great strides to make Agendus "Storm-friendly." Storm users now have their own separate edition. This special edition has every great feature of the Non-Touch edition, and adds a number of features geared towards taking advantage of the touch-screen usage model and unique capabilities.

» Toolbar in all views. all views. The Storm edition introduces a new touch-sensitive toolbar for Storm users, placing the most common actions, literally at your fingertips. The different view modes will have different buttons present, depending on which view is active.

» Touch Gestures and Panning Swipe the screen left/right to change dates in the Calendar Views. Touch, Hold and Pan to vertically scroll a view.

» Filter. Sort. Find. Fast! Get to the information you want, when you want. Adjust your view display or quick filter by entering letters for a keyword search. Use PowerSearch Local to find records containing particular text or Contact History to find records for a particular contact.

» Wireless Capabilities. While on-the-go, retrieve Weather forecasts, Quote of the Day, and This Day in History facts all through your wireless network connection.

» 100% Theme Friendly. Agendus automatically adjusts itself to conform to the theme (color, styles) already in use by your BlackBerry.

» Full compatibility with Newer BlackBerry Models. Agendus for BlackBerry is supported on the latest devices, including the Bold, Tour, Storm and KickStart (Pearl Flip)