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StarMessage - Moon phases Screensaver (Free Trial, Buy Online, Get for free via TrialPay)

View the current Moon Phase and write your name, your wishes or any other beautiful message in the stars of the night sky.
The StarMessage screensaver will show you:

* Today's moon phase
* The full moon names
* Famous quotes about love, wisdom, humor and peace
* Your messages or wishes written in the stars
* and much more (see below)

If you really like the moon, you should have its screensaver.

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good for hunters

I liked the constant update on the moon phases.
I am a hunter and knowing the phases of the moon is helpfull.

moon and star desktop wallpaper

StarMessage has good energy and a positive vibe
I found it when searching for moon and star desktop wallpapers

new user of Star Message

I am a new user of Star Message having only discovered it a week or so ago but already I look forward to seeing the night sky coming up on screen.
It gives me a real feeling of peace and tranquillity and it feels very special because I can customise it to my own likes.
June Weston, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

What a cool little program

I played with the messaging for hours.

since 2004

this is the only screensaver I've used since 2004. puter blew up, devastated
me, since now I get to see the darkest night sky out in the desert with all the stars jumping at you, you would be amazed what really goes on up there. Gives me more reason to love Michael. YOU are the MAN.

rely on the moons for planting

I'm and avid gardener and rely on the moons for planting and frosts etc., my grandparents were part indian and lived by the moons. There are several things I like in StarMessage screensaver, such as the history of the moon the schedules and its numerous perks.

Who ever came up with this software is realy GREAT

I think starmessage, is the most fabulous software that anyone could have ever come up with. It's just so awesome.

stars sparkle

I like simple screensavers, rather than the 3D ones. StarMessage is my very favorite, because I love the way the stars sparkle, and that I can write a message with stars. That's enchanting!
Patricia Smith

I love it - it's fun and informative

Fascinated about stars and am aware of the phases of the Moon affecting our lives. Always enjoy looking up at the Stars, especially on New Moon and Full Moon

I need to keep track of the moon phases daily

Being a new moon Sabbath keeper, I need to keep track of the moon phases daily. When I came across your web site I was elated. so I purchased it, I also advise the rest of the group to do the same for their computers.

I love that I can enter messages to go across the screen along with how you list the type of moon phase .

10 years ago

About 10 years ago when I was Baby Sitting my Grand Son
I saw StarMessage online and gave it a try and fell in love with it.
I liked you, your personality, the funny little things you did in the program and that it was a lifetime program.

I love love love the screensaver

Michael....I love love love the screensaver
I have several and this is my absolute favorite
laughing so hard now my dogs are looking to find who is have a great sense of humor!!!! I too spend endless hours star gazing as a child.
Still to this day look up at nights when clear...used to set
up lawn chairs and get wrapped up in a blanket as what ever celestial event unfolded with my grandma and brother Michael. (Will remember your name) ;-)

Just a precise program

I like the cycle as it is for the moon and for the date it is
Just a precise program

Shooting Stars

I Googled 'Shooting Stars' and found you. I am very happy I bought your screensaver.

Hugh R.

relaxing screensaver

I just loved the relaxing quality of the screensaver when I'd downloaded the trial version.
Anne C.

Very novel program

I tried it - I liked it. Very novel program - I believe in shareware but also believe in supporting good software.
John M.

percentage of waning or waxing of the moon

I like the phases and the explanation of them. The way it says what percentage of waning or waxing of the moon.

I was looking for celestial art

Just came upon it while on the net. Actually as I now recall, I was looking for celestial art.
I enjoy the playfulness and the ability to leave myself reminders and the interactive nature of the program I also like the beauty of the moon images. It is relaxation for me as well as informative and a form of communication.
I also enjoy little things like the applause after I entered the registration code. I think the main thing I like is that your screensaver makes me smile. So important!!!

Thanks very much for the happy moments!! Sally

I like everything about starmessage.

I love the moon phases and the option to personalize it.

Windows Vista

This is a super screen saver and runs perfectly under Windows Vista

M S Nagdee

Everyone who visits my home comments on this screen saver.

I love the stars, so fascinating. Your screen saver is simple and beautiful. I enjoy the moon phases and the time posted in stars. This screen saver isn't over done with gimmicks.

The quality of this screensaver is unmatched

The quality of this screensaver is unmatched. It's calming, not too distracting, and looks classic. Classic meaning that it has a timeless feel; it doesn't wear out.


I use the days countdown timer

I absolutely love this screensaver and have used it for over a year counting down the days until my daughters wedding. I saw yesterday there is only 48 days left & was amazed.

I bought it for my grandson who is studying astronomy

I was trying to help my grandson with his homework and frankly I was interested myself.
My grandson had to fill in sheets for the moon, but the moon can be evasive to the eye sometimes. This is a real cool way for kids to understand, I applaud your efforts.

R. Jensen

Looking for a calandar of when the full moon would take place

I love the Moon on it and the stars and the sky in general. Very cool, my husband just dropped by my computer and said
"wow, what is that you have on your computer, that is so cool!"

is a reminder for the next full

Having it as screen saver is a reminder to me when the next full moon is coming up.
I found it while searching for a Moon Phase Caldendar.

I just really like

I love this program, wanted to continue to use it and I would never uses somebody's program long term without paying for it - that's how we keep the genius flowing.

I live in the city so I rarely get to see the sky. I just really like
watching the moon change.

Personally I have to say it was astrology related. I think anyone
interested in astrology or metaphysics would love this program.

Maria Pierre

It is the most wonderful programme.

I cannot be without it. I tell the moon phase with a glance at ALL times. This is important to me.
I mostly like the night sky with the correct moon phase and the stars writing names in the sky.

be in touch with the phases of the moon

I have successfully registered the Star Message screensaver. Thank you for creating it. I wish to be in touch with the phases of the moon daily.
This is perfect.


writing messages in the stars

I like the moon amid the stars bombarding the sky and like the fact that I can write the names of my husband, children and grandchildren to show across the screen.

I was interested in the moon phases

I was interested in the moon phases and I went to Google to find out about the phase we were in.

I love the whole idea of the software and what it does. I love getting random messages at random times. The thought in a message give me comfort at that moment. I love the stars in the sky while the information (particularily the % of the changing moon) gives me something even more to work with. I do affirmations and goal setting according to the phases of the moon.

I found it Googling for screensavers with stars and moon

I like the simplicity of the screensaver (I haven't added anything except my own message) and the fact that I could add my own sounds (a .wav file of a moonlit night with crickets chirping)

soothing effect of star message

I just have no words to describe the soothing effect of star message,I felt really down tonight having had a bad day.
So I went into configure star message and pressed play. After a few minutes of that soothing tune and watching the stars,I went off to sleep,waking up only a few minutes later I felt totally relaxed.What more can
I say, thanks,Tony Cole.

Very lifelike screensaver!

Reason number one I registered: it's cheap!
I also like the small size -- doesn't eat up a lot of resources on my laptop.
And how about the author's sense of humor -- so rare these days! I did become mildly annoyed at the little "on strike" moon; however, I REALLY DO like the fact that you didn't disable the trial software after so many days, or inundate me with advertisements -- that would have irritated me to the point where I would have just uninstalled it!
Thanks for giving me the time to do the right thing....

We used it as freeware for years

Years ago I downloaded it as freeware and my mother loves it and when I Fixed her computer she told me she wanted it back on. She still has the Freeware version on a floppy.
I decided to buy it since you feed your family from the money it brings in to you.

I like to know which full moon is next,as well as the dates.

Also, when I found that it was possible to leave messages in the stars, I decided to buy without the trial, because that sounded so fun.
We are already playing with that feature. It's great!

I have already told a friend of mine, and he wants the link as he and his wife share a computer and want to leave messages.
They too are interested in the full moon dates.


planning a get together for the full moon

I am using it as inspiration while I am working on the computer. I have entered different Archangels names & affirmations.
However, when I found this site, it was because we were planning a get together for the full moon. We ended up having 14 people come and all had such a good time, we decided to do it every full moon.

StarMessage Screensaver

I have used this for years, and always liked it better than anything I've seen elsewhere. StarMessage shows the simple, beautiful night sky, the stars and moon in its phases. You can use all the handy features that come with it, or just enjoy an uncluttered view of the exquisite night.

a space screensaver I liked

This was years ago, I was looking for a space screensaver I liked, and came across StarMessage. Not only was it inexpensive, but it was quick and simple to download, with no ads or anything bad, and it did what it said it would, and what I wanted --- it gave me a beautiful, true vision of the night sky..

This is my third version of StarMessage. I decided to register this copy because I got tired of the wasted expenditure of all those stars telling me to do so!!

I really like that the stars are not all cutesy and animated. I like that it shows the actual moon. I like that it shows just the beautiful, simple, night sky. And to be personal, I also like the way it plays into my fantasies. I have it set up so the stars come together to praise God, and especially at Christmas and at Easter, I like to think the stars in the sky would do that if they could.

I actually use very little of the StarMessage features. I don't use the sounds, or quotes, or jokes, nor do I have it set it up to notify me of email. It's not that I don't like them; I just don't use them.


Nice gift for my grandchildren

This space screensaver has added a sparkle in the eyes of my grandchildren.

I purchased Moon Phase screensaver

I purchased Moon Phase just last week, and I’ve been perfecting my screensaver with the stars. What fun!! As an avid “real star” gazer myself, I enjoy the airbuses (I call them satellites) cause they really are out there!! I super like my new screensaver with so many options plus the fact that if I get bored with it, all I have to do is upgrade.

Wall paper changer

I use this screensaver as a wallpaper changer, I have selected a folder with photos to randomly pick one.

favorite scriptures on the desktop

Yes, Michael, i AM using your beautiful product. It is absolutely delicious to look up and see some of my fave scriptures scrolling 'cross my ol' faithful desktop.
A ka-killion thankx for StarMessage!!
Caz Neill

I love nature and the moon and stars.

I loved the idea of writing my own message in the heavens. I am a school teacher and I use a projector during class. When my screensaver comes on my students get excited waiting to see what message will appear. They love it too!


full moon times

I work the night shift and the full moon is always a very busy time at work. Having StarMessage as my screen saver will keep me prepared for what to expect at work.