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ProTarot Designer

ProTarot Designer Pro allows you to complete and safeguard your computerized or manual card readings.

The Benedetti Full Tarot Package

The Benedetti FULL Tarot package includes greater quality and size graphics to allow the Tarot user to maximize their Tarot reading experience and results.

Personal Lunar Organizer (with Discount Coupon)

Personal Lunar Organizer is fully-featured information manager with moon phases embedded in the calendar.

Astrology and Horoscope Pro for Windows

Astrology and Horoscope Pro is a professional program which uses astrology to advice you about matchmaking by sign, your 2006 horoscope, detailed zodiac sign analysis and numerology by your birthdate/

Chinese horoscope

Chinese horoscope software. The twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. Enter your date of birth and the software will reveal your personality and your compatibility.

Horoscope Explorer

Horoscope Explorer is the only astrology software in the world to offer comprehensive Vedic astrology charts and predictions in 10 Indian languages.

Multiple Kundali Styles:

Daily Astrology Explorer

Daily Astrology Explorer is the tool for everyday astrology.

Encyclopedia of Chinese Astrology

The world's only Chinese astrology which includes six
subjects: Chinese horoscope, I Ching, palmistry, sky chart
(star of the King), Feng Shui and face reading. Bilingual

Astrology Prophet Pro

Astrology Prophet Pro is the program, which allows your to view astrological influence on your life and your personal biorhythms, day by day in six main spheres of life.

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