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Chrysanth NETime Diary

Every person has a life story — a story that deserves to be documented and reviewed for pleasure or passed along to future generations. And the time to start recording your thoughts, dreams, feelings and frustrations (along with your photos, videos, audio files and other digital media) is NOW!

As a leader in digital diary software, Chrysanth NETime Diary offers you much more than a paper diary in many areas — and best of all, it doesn't require a rocket science degree to get started . In a nutshell, this diary software:

* is secure and protects your very privacy
* makes you more expressive of your feelings
* helps you write more with much ease and comfort
* gives you back the good articles and photos in a blink of an eye
* organizes all your digital photos
* keeps all your mp3 music, video files, voice diary attachments
* is able to run from a thumb drive