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Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows

Real-time protection
SpIDer Guard® resident monitor intercepts all calls to files located on floppy disks, hard drives, CDs, Flash-cards and smart-cards preventing malicious code from getting to user computers. SpIDer Guard driver is highly resistible to external attempts to block its operation, for example, by a specifically designed malicious program.

SpIDer Guard is easy to configure, meanwhile it is a powerful tool for constant monitoring of your computer. Flexible configuration of SpIDer Guard takes into account system load, hardware configuration and sources of potential threats. The resident monitor is implemented as a Windows service so a system administrator can restrict user rights to change of the program configuration. It is especially important for security of corporate networks.

Mail protection - On-the-fly filtering of incoming and outgoing POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/NNTP mail
SpIDerMail® monitor scans incoming and outgoing e-mail on-the-fly before a message is received by a mail client. The virus activity control feature of SpIDer Mail allows blocking suspicious actions typical of mass mailing worms. Experienced users can manually set up hooks of ports used for processing of mail traffic.

Update and scan scheduler
Dr.Web scheduler allows setting required update frequency and schedules of hard drive scan. The application can be set to update once per hour or even once in 16 minutes.

Dr.Web for Windows also protects your computer from adware that often comes along with freeware and shareware applications downloaded from the Internet.

Preventing information leakage
Dr.Web for Windows prevents collection of sensitive information by spy robot modules, key loggers, Java-applets (mostly target online gamers) which can be used as any other spyware to keep track of all activities in the system and send the information to a third party – a creator of the spyware, or its order customer that can be a spammer, marketing agency, scam-agency, criminal or an industrial espionage group.

Protection against paid dialers
Dr.Web for Windows blocks applications designed to stealthily connect a user to expensive telephone services using a modem.