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Registry Fix Mantra

With continuous usage, downloading new applications, installation and uninstallations of new software programs, some inconsistencies are created in Windows System. These errors cause a botched up registry file, resulting in bad system performance, windows errors and perched performance.

In-Depth Scanning
RegistryFix Mantra performs deep scan of the Windows Registry and Hard Disk to identify the erroneous entries. These inconsistencies and missing data cause serious harm to overall system performance.

Section Wise Scanning
The complete scan is divided into carefully selected sections. These sections cover all the areas of your system, eliminating each and every potential error from your Windows System to give you an optimized working environment.

System Optimizing Methodology
RegistryFix Mantra is just not another Registry Cleaner off the shelf. It counters areas like Incorrect Registry Keys, Inconsistent keys and values, Useless / Missing keys, Keys and values associated with Malware or other potential harmful components and Large Registry Sizes, thus acts as a complete system optimizer!