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The Best OO CASE Tool for Windows
Try UMLStudio for a few minutes to see how easy object modelling can be! Build OO models quickly and intuitively. Structure your ideas with ease. Communicate your designs effectively. UMLStudio puts real power at your finger tips!

Industry Standard Analysis and Design Notations
UMLStudio provides you with pre-packaged, industry standard notations such as UML, Booch, and Data Flow. Use these as provided or customize them to suit your own needs. UMLStudio 8.0 provides extensive support for the UML 2.1 standard.

User-Defined OOA&D Notations
UMLStudio does not force you into using predetermined notations. As a software professional you know only too well that the needs of every organization/project are different. Good communications often requires designing new notations. Create your own in a matter of minutes, or customize the ones that come with UMLStudio.

Reverse-Engineer Your Legacy Code into OO Models in Seconds
Creating an object model for your OO legacy code is the best approach to analysing, understanding and maintaining it. UMLStudio can automatically convert your C++, C#, Java, CORBA IDL, PHP 5, and Ada 95 code into your favorite OOA&D notation faster than any other CASE tool.