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Great free Mac OSX software, outside the Apple AppStore

Password managers:
- KeePassX. A free password manager that runs on Mac OSX and Windows.

- Keka (free software)
Allows you to create zip files that are split in to multiple volumes (e.g. multiple files 50MB each).

File sharing / Downloaging (free softare)
- aMule
- Vuze
Ftp client:
- FileZilla (free software)
Filemanager with more abilities than the MAC OS finder:
- muCommander (free software)
After you upgrade to Mac osx Lion, you might stop being able to connect to some samba shared folders and network drives. This file manager can still connect and you can access your shared/network files.
Media players (video, audio players)
- NicePlayer. Simple media player with ability to open multiple video windows:
- VCL player. Media player that plays most of the video formats

Media player and video library
kodi (free software)
- Finds automatically the movie art work and covers
- finds automatically the subtitles
- organizes automatically movies by artist and gender

Office suite:
LibreOffice (free software)
Better email client than Mac OS mail:
ThunderBird (free software)
Sip Client (VOIP soft phone)
ZOIPcommunicator (free software)
Music conversion
All2mp3 (free software)
Converts many audio formats to mp3, for example flac to mp3
You cannot always do such conversions via itunes.