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MagicDraw UML tool

MagicDraw is an all-in-one UML modeling solution, combining the most powerful technologies to bring you a high-end, robust environment wherein you can build all your software projects from scratch, taking advantage of the excellent support of the latest UML 2.0 specifications.
MagicDraw is really a very good suite for UML modeling. It is fully-fledged, even the most expert modeler/architect will get lost the first time it uses the program.
I took a look at the Community Edition, it is totally free, and you can use most of the features available. Of course, there are some limitations, for example, you cannot update the shared packages related to your project. Moreover, all of your diagrams will show a nagging legend saying "For non-commercial use only".
When I started the program for the first time, I saw that the user interface was very similar to Eclipse sometimes, like the organization of panels and palettes.

You can integrate this tool with Eclipse