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Evalaze - Software virtualization

Software virtualization is a piece of technology that allows the running of applications, without having to install these in the "traditional" way. The applications work in their own virtual environment and do not affect the operating system or other programs.

Amongst other features, this technology allows multiple identical applications to be run in parallel on the same system. This enables you to simultaneously run different versions of a browser on a system, for example. Outdated applications can be used on new and modern operating systems.
A problem with non-virtualized applications is that they are firmly anchored to the system. The installation and configuration of applications is time-consuming. Uninstalling will not delete entries in the registry or file system and thus will put further strain on the system. This can lead to system slow-downs and crashes.
Virtualized applications, however, are flexible. These can be run locally on a PC, on network drives, on terminal servers or on USB sticks. Evalaze also puts an application virtualization assistant at the user's disposal to help with the software. In order to virtualize an application, Evalaze creates a snapshot of the system. Following this, the application of choice is installed and a second snapshot is taken. The installed files and registry entries are now converted into a new .exe file by Evalazs's virtualization engine. This file can now be copied to an appropriate medium and executed.