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Shark Water World 3D Screensaver - Free via TrialPay

View sharks swimming through the ocean depths on your desktop.

It’s time to venture out on the most exciting underwater experience you’ve ever had without leaving your home! Travel to the bottom of the sea to greet the great white sharks who guard countless treasures concealed by the sea depths. Feel the thrill of observing picturesque underwater scenery complete with the pirate ships, treasure chests, and those mighty sharks.

The spirit of adventure intrinsic to the seas is sure to excite you. See giant sharks glide back and forth, as the light penetrating the water surface reflects off the sea floor and its inhabitants. The longer you look at this scenic view the more invigorated you become. Enjoy the aquatic world full of excitement and unexplored territory.

The Shark Water World Screensaver has no loading screen as it launches instantly! It features dual monitor support which makes it a must-have for users with two monitors. You’ll be amazed at how spectacular it looks in dual mode!