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WM6 error: this device is restricted from downloading this file type

Pocket Word has a serious bug in Windows Mobile 6 and may give you this error:
this device is restricted from downloading this file type

It seems that this bug of word occurs when you save a file like a plain text file instead of a word file. At that time, some microsoft intelligence hidden in microsoft word, decides to remove the administration rights you normally have on the device, and gives you guest access. Therefor, you cannot do most of the normal operations.

This is a very annoying bug of Microsoft. I have found it in HTC touch with wm6. By the way, HTC announced that they will not give an wm6.1 update, because they believe there is nothing that needs improvement in wm6.0.

- Access is denied error message when trying to copy files to the phone using ActiveSync.
- Access is denied error message when trying to delete any files or copy files between folders and/or the storage card on the phone.
- You do not have permission to download that type of file in Internet Explorer when trying to download any files.
- No programs show up in Remove Programs.
- Installation Unsuccessful error messages when trying to install any applications.
- ActiveSync will fail with an error message that you should start the troubleshooter.

- Please follow the exact steps listed below.
- Soft Reset is done with the stylus, if you press it in the little round hole that is next to the USB port of HTC touch (the other oval hole at the other side of the USB port is the microphone. Do not stick your stylus in that hole)
- Power off is done when you keep the power button (on the top) pressed and you see a message from windows, asking if you want to power off your device.

The procedure to fix and recover from this amazing bug.
1) soft reset device
2) Start / Office Mobile / Word
3) Create a new document (click on New)
4) type some text (just plain text - no formatting - it was 'plain text document') just a few characters
5) File / Save As...
6) I have selected type 'Plain Text'
7) It asked me whether I want to save it at 'Word document instead' - I clicked No.
8) I have powered off the device and did soft reset
9) Start file explorer, find the file (it was in My Device / My Documents), click on it - it opens Word again.
10) Add some formatting (I have selected part of text and changed font to bold)
11) Close Word - it asked whether to save it in Word format - this time I said Yes
12) Power-off the device and press soft reset again

Cross your fingers and it is back Ok.

If this fixes also other problems you were having with your windows mobile, please add in the comments (below) the specific error text message, so other users can benefit from this information. Please post your version info or device name. Maybe we will see some pattern in that information.


Barleone speaks Dutch :)

This comment is just a contribution to the Google Index to help Dutch people find the solution when they enter the Dutch errormessage into Google.

Nederlands error:
"Op dit apparaat gelden restricties voor het downloaden van bestanden van dit type"
De oplossing voor dit probleem wordt op deze website uitgelegd.

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Mine... Compact MDA IV... still cant delete. ho hum... thanks anyway, back to google.


I'm really grateful. This bug has caused me and I suspect thousands of others severe problems. Your advice worked like a charm. How can MS or HTC allow such a bug to exist? - their products are not of merchantable quality. Let's hope someone starts a class action against them.

A Sigh of Relief!

I kept HTC Touch P3450, was at the verge of throwing it away - tried to give one more try on the Internet to see if there's any solution to what I have been facing. The solution noted above perfectly works for me!

Cheers mate,

Ali Akbar Abbasi

Success on HTC!

At least a year later and your fix is still saving people! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This solved my inability to download problem and my office syncing problem all in one surprising fix!!

T-mobile wing FIXED!

I can now delete/copy files.
And I can now download files!

i wish it worked for me

i read everyone's wonderful comments and did everything you said and it didn't work for my tilt. back to the drawing board. if anyone has a fix for this please email me at dreds06 (at) thanks

I cant believe it. i've had

I cant believe it. i've had xda orbit phone for 17 months now. this happened about 8 months in. on about month 13 I reset to manu default settings. it solved the problem... then it happened again a month later. once I started reading this article alarm bells starting ringing. I'd transfered a text doc to phone, then opened and saved it updated. then my phone wouldnt sync again.

thanks and big up to the poster.

It works!

It has set on E-TEN M700 too . I am thankful author of solution. Tadeusz from Katowice, Poland

I'm Not Worthy!!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ! ! ! HTC VX6800 fixed.

Fix worked on HTC Wing - WM5

Thanks so much for the solution.

It worked

Have a problem where my SCH-I760 won't sync, & won't keep the Voice Command active. I decided to try & download a smartphone virus scanner, but had the exact error.

The "fix" described worked for me.

happy man

I've just had this issue myself, I searched for issues about "empty add/remove programs", "cannot install cab" and such, and when I was almost about to hard reset my device I found this solution. And it actually worked very nice. It saved me of reinstalling everything. Agree this is the most occured fix I ever applied on a computer, it never crossed my mind a text editor would be capable of making a device unusable.
Thanks a lot!


I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden my device was restricted from downloading. I couldn't even accept simply program updates from existing downloads. I was at my wits end and ready to toss my XV6800 out the window. Thank you!!!!!

thanks You Muchas Gracias

It fixed on my T-Mobile Wing.
I am so happy.
=) thanks you so much!!!!

Utterley Amazing

It fixed the "This device is restricted from downloading this file type" error message on my T-Mobile Wing as well. It's absolutely amazing that a glitch in Word can have anything to do with downloads. How DID you figure this out?

thank you so much

THIS FIX SAVED MY LIFE! i couldnt figure out why my device would hang on activesync. thank you so much!

It worked!

It worked perfectly, thank you very much!
I'm curious to know why you have to power off as well as soft reset though, but oh well as long as it works!


I can't even begin to imagine how you figured this out. But you did and I'm sure a bunch of people are grateful for it.

Incidentally, as a result of the same issue I was facing problems with Activesync. The device would connect to the computer and I would be able to use Explorer to view files on the device but it wouldn't sync or copy anything giving the message "Synchronization cannot be completed successfully. Reconnect your device and try again. If the problem persists, see the Microsoft ActiveSync troubleshooter in Microsoft ActiveSync help on your desktop computer".

After doing this it worked like a charm. Thank you very much.


i'm truly impressed. I've been having trouble downloading CAB files on my cell for weeks and this simple (and truly weird) solution has worked!! I have no idea why it worked, but it has

the most crazy bug fix

this is the most crazy fix to computer problem I have ever seen.It worked for my wm6.

This worked!

You saved me having to do a full reset for such a stupid bug. Thanks!!!


You just saved me. I stream my sirius through my phone from orb and i lost this 2 days ago and had no idea why. but omg this fixed it... have no clue how or why but THANK YOU!!!


I've been working on this for a few days now - and I thought I found the solution for this problem on my AT&T Tilt using Windows Mobile 6.0. I followed the steps exactly as you described, and IT DIDN'T WORK...
Oh well, it was worth the shot - now to move on and do more research...

other solution

If you find a different solution to this problem, please come back and tell us.


And ofcourse, I've read about this "fix" soo many times at so many places, and it works for everyone but me >.< I tried all the different ways theres to it, nothing worked. One more thing, shutting it off and THEN pressing soft reset doesn't make sense. Anyway I tried, and it didnt fix. Still got the file deletion/changing restriction. Can't sync, can't get online, download files nothing ... If only Microsoft cared to fix this.