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Star Reminder for windows - buy online or get it free by TrialPay

Free your mind and stop worrying not to forget tasks, dates, appointments, birthdays, bills. StarReminder will care about all the little things while you can enjoy the really important aspects of your life.

"I really find your program a great help. It has been a constant reminder that has never failed to deliver. Keep up the good work."

StarReminder, the easy reminders software, reminds you about your tasks and important events. You can place reminders/alarms for a specific date and time or schedule them for regular repeats (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.)

You can use it to keep birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and appointments, holidays or other important occasions and events that you want someone to remind you about.

Alarms can execute one or more actions, like playing a sound, displaying a note, sending an e-mail, running a program, logging off, shutting down, or restarting the computer.

Adding and editing tasks and alarms is very easy. You can easily keep track of your scheduled tasks in a Task List window. View them by schedule (completed tasks, tasks scheduled for today, for tomorrow, for the next seven days, all tasks, etc).

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well designed and easy to use


If I see another possible chage that is needed, I shall write you a note. It is rare that the designer takes into considerations suggestions. You are one of the rare ones. Besides I like to help. I use the program daily while building a hospital in California.

After using your program, it turns out to be well designed and easy to use, besides the price being great. Most that I have tried out have flaws which make the difficult to use. I also noted that some once the date and time arrives, then the note is erased so that one cannot go back to the note.

Joe Petryshyn

how to start the starreminder as windows service

Is it possible to start the starreminder as service (under MS Vista, MS XP) ?

Not in the current version. It will be included as a feature for next versions

so far StarReminder is the best one I have used

I have only been using StarReminder for about 2 weeks, but so far it is the best one I have used. It is so simple, and a pleasure. I am supposed to send an email confirming my activation to you, well it's activated, again so simple.

better than ms Outlook reminders

I am EXTREMELY happy with this product. I always used Kirby Alarm before as well as MS Outlook Reminders. Your product far surpasses them both!

Reminder software for free

You can now get the StarReminder software for free