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How does TrialPay work to give full versions of software for free?

TrialPay is a revolutionary way to get your favorite software for free. Instead of buying the software/shareware itself, you buy a product or offer from your favorite brands and get the software for free. This free 'gift' is paid by the merchant whose product you bought.

TrialPay is a new advertising method that pays customers with free software out of advertising revenue.
If for example, you like the StarMessage screensaver but are you not convinced to buy it, you can use TrialPay to get it:

1) Visit StarMessage's trialpay link.
2) You will see a list of shops that participate in the trialpay promotion.
3) Select a product. E.g. send flowers from FTD, sign up for Blockbuster Total Access, buy clothes from or order free business cards from Vista Print.
4) TrialPay tracks your completed order and sends you a license for the screensaver for free.
It's that easy.

More Information on TrialPlay:
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List of software you can get for free via TrialPay:
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where is the payment done incase of trialpay

I am very curious how the payment process using trialpay.


Sometimes you don't even pay

Lets say you are interested in software "A" that is enabled with trialpay and you want to get it without paying for it.
By following the software's trialpay link, you can buy another, irrelevant product "B" and the merchant of that product will give you a license for the software "A".
Sometimes, the merchant gives you the license for software "A", just by placing a free order on the merchant.
For example, you can order free business cards from vistaprint and they will give you a license for the software "A".

Look at the full trialpay cataloge at
select the software you want, and then trialpay will show a list of merchants (with irrelevant products "B"). Placing an order on any of those merchants, will get you a free license for the selected software.