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General software FAQ

How does TrialPay work to give full versions of software for free?

TrialPay is a revolutionary way to get your favorite software for free.

How to change the login screen keyboard language in windows 7

It can be annoying to have to change the language to english every time you login because windows 7 has a different default language for the welcome screen.

1. Open the control panel

How can I connect from windows 7 to a samba file sharing NAS server?

I can connect to the NAS file server fine from a windows XP.
I have made sure the windows 7 and the NAS box have the same workgroup.
But the windows 7 machine cannot access the file server.

Can I install apple mac OSX on a virtual PC or on a windows PC?

There is one MAC emulation virtual PC called pearPC but in my attempts I was not able to make it work. Plus, it contained a virus in one of its ready empty disk images.

How to increase the size of a .VHD virtual disk (for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007)

This is done in two steps.
First you increase the size of the virtual disk.
Then you increase the size of the partition inside the disk.

Recommended Online Collaboration websites

Online collaboration websites can help teams work better and faster by providing features like:
- File sharing
- Calendar of important dates
- Task lists
- Announcements
- Address Book

Comparison of Joomla and Drupal

Joomla and Drupal are two very popular opensource Web Content Management systems. They allow you to build complex dynamic sites. is built with Drupal.

How do I protect the environment when I buy software online?

When you download or buy software online you not only save your money and time, but you also help to save our planet from unnecessary waste and pollution.

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